Archbishop Advises the Youth Against Early Marriages.


Archbishop Advises the Youth Against Early Marriages.

CLO Solomon Mugisa receiving a marriage certificate from his grace, Astsnly Ntagali at St.Mathew's cathederal in Masindi

The Archbishop of Uganda his grace, the most Rt. Rev Stanly Ntagali warned the youth against early marriage. Ntagali sounded his warning during a function to wed the Inspector of Police, Solomon Mugisa who is also the community liaisons officer at Masindi police station.

The matrimonial ceremony was held at St. Mathew cathedral of Masindi Kitara diocese on 5th December 2015. The Archbishop said the youth tend to rash for marriages without courting which makes them mostly remain hurtled after disappointments between the two parties.

Ntagali said that; “take time while making your choices to avoid being dumped up (kutomera). Young boys and girls, I know at the start you tend to have high love gear but as time goes on it depreciates because you do not give it time to mature”.

He advised the youth most especially of school going age to take time and completes their education adding that their future is ahead of them you and when they stifle it today, it will be hard to recover the lost time. He asked those that have already got engaged to keep the candles burning and it like Solomon who wedded after 18 years of cohabiting.

“As church, most of the efforts are put on the you who are to be the Archbishop, President and ministers of tomorrow and that is why we have organized seminar for the youth, slated for 9th to 14th December at Mengo secondary school to groom them and teach them the scriptures of God to be better leaders of tomorrow”, the archbishop explained.

He asked the youth to work for their glory and reputation for public knowledge and do not rash for marriages where he said there is fire if one gets there without sorting himself.Arch bishop Ntagali Greets CLO Solomon Mugisa as his wife Justine Busiinge looks on

His grace advised celebrants of the day, Mugisa Solomon and his wife Justine Busiinge to always up hold their vows they made before the congregation and ensure love, patience and adherence in their relationship. “Love is patient and kind according to scriptures by St Paul”, Ntagali noted.

“Be transparent in all what you are doing since confidentiality sometimes mislead and seem not to be a guide. Avoid darkness in your relationship and when it comes your way ensure that you pray to God for help since it may have an effect at work place”, he added.

His grace said he dreamt uniting the two when he was still the Masindi bishop but whenever he would ask Solomon was saying I will tell you, so even when I was made the archbishop I continued asking him not until he confirmed Saturday 5th December that God had put aside for him. Solomon is lucky God did not want me to unite them when I was a bishop but rather when is archbishop of Uganda. When he called me I cancelled all my programs and said I have to be there and witness the wedding. He said