Banyoro Wins First Round of a Case against Queen of England and UK

Livingstone Bakamuturaki, the chairman of Mubende Banyoro association addressing members recently

Peter Abaanabasazi


Banyoro under their umbrella, Mubende Banyoro Untied Association have reason to smile after they received a legal opinion lifting the restriction that was imposed on the Kingdom subjects banning from filing any case against the Queen of England by United Kingdom.

Fred Ddembe Muwonge, the director international relations affairs at the association based in UK told Red Pepper on Saturday in an interview that when they went to file a case against the Queen of England, the association was told that Banyoro were unable to file the case because the case was time bound.

He added that the association’s lawyers Harding Mitchel solicitor based in UK  have challenge the restriction on grounds that the atrocities that were committed against Banyoro during the colonial era didn’t have a time limit. According to Muwonge the legal opinion has cost the association about Sh130 million and they hope that they are free to seek justice.

The association is  seeking for nullification of 1900 Uganda Agreement and compensation from the Queen of England for historical injustices that was imposed on Banyoro by her colonial forces in 1893 where Over two million people are alleged to have been killed  in the war that lasted six years.

Mubende Banyoro Untied Association broke away from Bunyoro Kitara Reparations Agency (BUKITAREPA) 2 year ago another group of Banyoro also pursuing the same case.

Muwonge explained that they decided to form a separate pressure group to push the case against British Government after they found that BUKITAREPA had never filed the case in United Kingdom.

Muwonge notes that the association has embarked on registering victims of the historical injustices from Greater Bunyoro region regardless of tribe.

”The barrier which was put by United Kingdom, it was like the case is time bound, it had gone beyond necessary but our lawyers managed to lift up that time-bar und because the atrocities which were done in Bunyoro didn’t have a time limit so long as you have witness and legal document to support the case, so the time-bar was lifted and it was worth celebrating so that is the good news I bring to Banyoro” he noted

However Livingston Bakumira chairperson of the association has so far registered 3000 victim adding that they continuing with mobilization to get the required one Million victims since they are assured that they are free to file the case.