Bunyoro to Enjoy Subsidized Internet Services |GMEPA NEWS


Ababnabasazi Peter


Bunyoro sub region is set to benefit from the National Backbone infrastructure project worth billions of money to enjoy internet at subsidized price.

National Information Technology Authority (NITA) is implementing the National Data Transmission Backbone Infrastructure and e-Government Infrastructure Project (NBI/EGI) whose major aim is to connect all major towns within the country on to Optical Fiber Cable based Network.

With Bunyoro being National focus because of the ongoing oil activities attracting government and non-governmental offices, the government has decided to connect this corridor on Optical Fiber Cable to access internet.

Bunyoro’s connection is starting from the district of Kyenjojo via Kagadi, Hoima to Masindi and the project is expected to start in October this years.

Speaking during stakeholders meeting to Orient them about the project in Hoima town, Beatrice Raganda, the NITA board member said that government is implementing the project in three phases adding that phase one and two have been finalized with 25 major town and district being connected on Optical Fiber Cable.

She added that under the third phase, Kampala-Masaka-Mutukula- Masaka-Mbarara and Katuna has been connected and they are remaining with Kyenjojo-Masindi.

Under this project, Optical Fiber Cable will be installed underground to transmit information to government institutions such as schools, hospitals, police stations, universities and local governments for the citizens to get effective and cheap internet services.

The project funded by the Chinese government is to be implemented by two contractors, one from Kyenjojo and another from Masindi.

She added that the project is also going to reduce costs of internet for local users and promote effective service deliver.

She added that broad connectivity has been achieved with NBI connected to Kenya, Malaba and Busia, Tanzania and Mutukula, Rwanda and Katuna as well as Southern Sudan and Eastern Congo.

The project is facing a challenge of people who ignorantly and intentionally vandalizing the cabal wires and called on local leaders in Bunyoro to sensitize and create awareness to locals so that the infrastructure put in place is protected.

Hoima RDC Isaac Kawoya warned politician against poeticizing the project adding that several project in region have been sabotaged by politician who inciting locals against government projects for their own interests