CBO Partners with Hoima Regional Blood Bank to Solicit for blood|NEWS


Yosam Gucwaki


Blessed foundation Uganda, a community based organization in Masindi district has partnered with Hoima regional blood bank to mobilize the general public within Bunyoro sub region to donate blood following the blood crisis that hit Masindi hospital two months back.

Speaking during the exercise of blood donation that was held at Masindi stadium, in Masindi town today, Francis Wamani, a worker with Hoima blood bank said that they came in contact with blood foundation after it organized a blood donation exercise saying that they came in to provide technical guidance after being approached by Blessed foundation Uganda.

He said that, after the exercise, 75 units of blood were collected from donors much as the target was to collect 100 units of blood by the end of the exercise.

Byakagaba Maureen, the director Blessed foundation, noted that what triggered her to organize the blood donation exercise was when she discovered that Masindi hospital had been hit by blood shortage for two months and people were dying due to blood shortage, an issue that  quick intervention.

Byakagaba also disclosed that Nakasero blood bank no longer support the Hoima regional blood bank since they believe is should be supported by the people with in the region hence a call to organize the blood donation exercise.

She however noted that, people from Bunyoro sub region do not want to donate blood and yet statistics indicate that people from the western region consume a lot of blood wandering where people to feed the Hoima regional blood bank would be got from if people are hesitating to donate blood.

She also noted that they are going to extend the exercise to rural areas and to schools to enable people who can’t afford come to town donate blood.

George Bateganya, the Masindi main hospital medical superintendent welcomed the idea and called upon Ugandans to come out and donate blood noting that blood crisis has not only  hit Masindi but the whole country wide.

However; Hamidu Kasinde, a retired Head teacher also an opinion leader expressed his concern over health workers charging money for blood and yet it is donated by the people freely some that is a total disservice.