CSOs want planned sustainable charcoal production

Masindi town is losing trees at terrible rate

Yosam Gucwaki

Some of the people employed to harvest trees around Masindi town
Some of the people employed to harvest trees around Masindi town

Civil society Organizations (CSOs) advocating for Environmental protection in Masindi district wants Masindi district local government to enact policies that can enable sustainable charcoal production.
Speaking during the participatory prospective analysis feedback workshop that was held at Kolping hotel on Wednesday, Asiku Mika the executive director Community Development Conservation Agency (CODECA) said that, Masindi district local government should put in place a policy which they should use to sensitize the masses on sustainable charcoal production.
“There should be popularization of better technologies of producing charcoal to the locals and this should be done by the District”, Asiku observe adding that, charcoal should be produced efficiently and sustainably by putting in place favorable policies.
Bagada John Winter, the secretary for production Masindi district noted that some government policies are leading to the rampant deforestation reasoning that it is very hard to combat tree cutting when it is the same government issuing out licenses to charcoal dealers and those harvesting timber in forests.
“Charcoal burning should be banned in the District because the rate at which we are losing trees is alarming”, Bagada said.
Speaking at the closure of the workshop, the deputy Resident District Commissioner Masindi, Bahebwa Longino Byagagaire challenged Masindi district local government to ensure that all the local forest reserves are planted with trees instead of staying their idle adding that Masindi has many local forest reserves.