Form Regional Market Centers to Address Price Challenges, seed companies told|GMEPA

farmers touring Asili farm in Kinuma village in Masindi district

Baguma Joseph
All grain companies in Uganda have been challenge to form market centers known as harps in regions where they are operating to help farmers get better prices for their grain.
The centers will also be used to address other challenges faced by grain farmers like accessing loans, storage, tillage and other post-harvest services which are the major hiccups faced bay grain farmers. “We can help farmers around the market entities by having many harps which will look for better markets for grain in the east African region and also give farmers a number of services at a low cost,” Mugerwa said.

one of the modern combined harvesters used in the farm
one of the modern combined harvesters used in the farm

Wilfred Tembo Mugerwa the executive director of Uganda grain council made the remarks on Saturday while addressing over 450 grain farmers at Kinumi Village in mirya sub county Masindi district.
This was during a one day farmers training in good Agronomic practices for maize production which was organized by Joseph initiative at Asili farms.
The participants were drawn from the district of Kassese,Mubende, Gulu,Kiryandongo ,Hoima and Masindi
He said that there only 23 market harps in Uganda and one in Masindi and Kiryandongo district which cannot do much to help the bigger number of grain farmers in the country.

Mugerwa Tembo stressing a point during the training
Mugerwa Tembo stressing a point during the training

Mugerwa said that although the grain sector was one of the most important sectors in country producing 5.5 metric tons on the east African market every year with maize taking 3.5 metric tons, many grains farmers were opting out of the business because of unstable prices and the high cost in grain production.
Prince George, the managing director Joseph initiative one of the grain company noted that framers need to be advised on how to access the right seeds and herbicides from the right agro impute dealers to produce quality grain.
Martin Jadribo, the senior agronomist from Joseph Initiative advised framers to take the issue of timely preparation of gardens very serious.