JPAM’s Supporters Cross to Meseveni’s Camp

Amama's file photo

By Peter Abanabasazi


Amama's file photo
Amama’s file photo

A group of over 50 supporters of Presidential hopeful John Patrick Amama Mbabazi have defected to President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s camp.

Led by Ivan Bisereko, Mbabazi’s Go Forward Campaigning Coordinator in Hoima Municipality says they have decided cross to Museveni’s Camp because Mbabazi has failed to fulfill promises he made.

The defectors say Mbabazi promised to them are jobs, motorcycles and money to do business but nothing has been fulfilled. He says that they have contacted Mbabazi’s Coordinator in Hoima, Yahaya Byarufu but all in vain.

Moses Adure, the Go Forward coordinator in Mparo division says he has abandoned Mbabazi after observing that Mbabazi he cannot lead this Country. The defectors were received by Senior NRM National Carder, Nathan Kiiza on Friday at Duhaga Secondary School.