Kingdom Official Accuses Religious Leaders for Distorting Culture|GMEPA NEWS

Bunyoro Kingdom cabinet ministers in a group photo wiith the king

Augustus Bigirwenkya


Bunyoro Kitara kingdom’s sub county chief for Bwijanga in Masindi district, Victor Magambo has criticized some religious leaders in the kingdom for distorting traditional cultural practices, something be believes is dangerous and may result into conflicts.

Magambo cited a practice of installing hares by religious leaders before the bodies of the deceased persons are buried; which he said is against the traditions of Bunyoro Kitara kingdom.

Magambo who is a former LC III chairperson for Bwijanga Sub County and a retired head teacher was on Tuesday addressing mourners in Kisambo village in the same sub county during a burial function for John Kahungu who died at the age of 68.

The kingdom’s Sub County chief maintained that, the practice was not good because it looks awkward for hares to be installed when dead bodies are amidst mourners before hailing residents for turning up in large numbers for burial functions something he said is in line with cultural norms.

Magambo also encouraged clan leaders in Bunyoro Kitara kingdom to always have clan meetings in which they can discuss developmental issues. The cultural leader however was not happy with members of grieved families who leave immediately after burial ceremonies purportedly rushing for their dear jobs in urban areas.

While responding to Magambo’s concern, Rev. Robinah Assaba said that, thy had resorted to installing hares before burying bodies of dead people because they had found it hard to perform such activities since people are served food immediately after burying.

Jackson Byenkya, a lay reader at Ikooba C.O.U said that born again people do not die but just sleep since they have to resurrect and advised believers not to mourn whenever they lose their beloved ones who are saved.

He encouraged people to go for salvation, have friends, love each other and work hard to leave legacy after their death before describing death as a package from God that is followed by God’s judgment for one’s sins.

Geoffrey Bigabwenkya, the LC II chairperson for Kitamba parish described the deceased as a hero and a surveyor since he has been helping residents and local leaders to solve land conflicts that are very common in the area.