Major Kakoza Mutale in trouble for invading Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom’s palace|GMEPA NEWS

Solomon Gafabusa Iguru with his daughter

Augustus Bigirwenkya


Senior Presidential advisor, Rt. Major Kakooza Mutale is in trouble for invading Bunyoro Kitara kingdom without prior appointment with the king or any other kingdom official.

On 15th July 2016, escorted by armed UPDF soldiers Kakooza Mutale went to Hoima district and attempted to enter Karuzika palace, the official seat of his majesty Dr.Solomon Gafabusa Iguru one but he was blocked by the king’s royal guards something that disrupted smooth running of Bunyoro Kitara kingdom businesses.

Addressing a special Bunyoro Kitara kingdom cabinet meeting at crown hotel on 20th July 2016, the kingdom’s Prime Minister Norman Lukumu said that, explained that, the royal guards barred Kakoza Mutale from entering Karuzika because his motives were not clear.

“After failing to access the palace, Mutale stormed my office accompanied by a sizeable number of UPDF troops. I called the kingdom’s security team to disarm his escorts who were brandishing their guns. I met meet him for over four hours and he tabled various unsubstantiated claims while attempting to explain why he was in the kingdom premises”, Likumu narrated.

The prime minister said that, Mutale claimed to have been invited to the kingdom to purportedly handle kingdom’s land matters, deploy his guards on the kingdom’s land and take charge of king’s security.

This never went well with the prime minister who decided to convene a special kingdom’s cabinet meeting that interpreted Mutale’s attempt to meddle in kingdom’s affairs as provocation, an insult and acts of aggression.

The cabinet meeting also asked Mutale to refrain from besieging the Omukama and the kingdom, accord the kingdom, the king and his appointed officials respect. “His claims of being sent by the president are suspicious. The kingdom is now having cordial working relationship with the government and other stakeholders which Mutale should not injure. We therefore request the president’s office to investigate his claims that includes harassing Bunyoro Kitara kingdom officials”, Lukumu stated.

He said that Bunyoro Kiatara will not tolerate continued provocation and insults adding that: “We shall not hesitate to seek intervention of his superiors or seek legal redress if he continues sowing seeds of discomfort in Bunyoro region”.