Masindi Needs a New Hospital, Says Medical Superintendent|News

George Bateganya Musoga, the MS Masindi hospital

Augustus Bigirwenkya


The medical superintendent of Masindi hospital, Dr. George William Batgenya has told NRM party leaders that Masindi district needs a new hospital because they are currently overwhelmed with patients’ load.

Bateganya was addressing a team of NRM leaders who went to visit Masindi hospital on 25th January 2017 a head of NRM/A 31st anniversary that will be celebrated in Masindi district at golf and sports club on 26th January 2017. The team was led by NRM’s deputy secretary general, Richard Todwong who was accompanied by Ernest Kiiza, the state minister for Bunyoro affairs; Cosmas Byaruhanga, the LCV chairperson Masindi district and Kenneth Obwona, national treasurer NRM party.

Bateganya disclosed that, in maternity ward alone, they are expected to deliver 2200 mothers every financial year but in last financial year, 4065 mothers were delivered yet funding is only for 2200 mothers and wondered who funds the remaining 2500 mothers who deliver at the same hospital.

He said that, the excess 2500 mothers who were delivered caused shortages of resources since little funding that is given to the hospital is shared among all mothers adding that: “This calls for a new hospital that is why you might have heard of complaints from residents of Masindi in media”.

“We have had 2300 mothers delivered in last six months out of which two died due to lack of blood something because of nonexistent of regional blood bank previously, a reason to why people never bothered to donate blood”, he explained.

The hospital boss said that, the health facility that was built in 1925 was meant to admit 100 patients but currently it has 167 beds but staffing level has not been changed from between 55% to 65% to a required level leaving a problem of inadequate staffing.

Richard Todwong, the deputy secretary general NRM party promised their continuous support towards Masindi hospital and commended Dr. Bateganya together with the entire staff for having continued to provide medical services to people amidst meager funding from government.

He said Masindi hospital was meant to be renovated in the first phase but government reconsidered her decision to renovate hospitals that are located along highways in the country. He also assured Dr. Bateganya that, Masindi hospital would be renovated during the second phase.

Todwong praised men in Masindi for having done their work to impregnate women to have more deliveries that expected and encouraged them to continue with the same spirit arguing that such a scenario was a positive problem.

On the other hand, the area LCV chairman, Cosmas Byaruhanga observed a need to immediately fix access road taking to Masindi hospital which is in sorry state something that has always caused alarm among the general public.