Minister Ernest Kiiza swallows his vomit

Kiiza Ernest, the state minister for Bunyoro affairs was seeking court injunction to stop radio Kitara fromtalking about him but right now that is where his ads are being aired

By Our Reporter


Minister Ernest Kiiza has resorted to advertising with radio Kitara that he sued and the case is still pending
Minister Ernest Kiiza has resorted to advertising with radio Kitara that he sued and the case is still pending

The state minister for Bunyoro affairs, Ernest Kiiza Monday Apuuli has resorted to eating his vomit after having resorted to run his campaign advert at Radio Kitara based in Masindi town that he had sued together with a prominent politician in the district over defamation.
On 28th April 2015, Minister Kiiza through her lawyer, Zemei, Aber Law chambers served the management of Radio Kitara and Rogers Kanti a one time contender for LCV seat in Masindi district, seeking for an apology to be published in News Papers and broadcast on Radio Kitara and permanent injunction restraining the defendants from uttering more defamatory statements against him. Kanti has since taken on minister Kiiza for Masindi municipality Member of Parliament seat.
The suit followed a series of stories run on radio Kitara about media reports on the performance of MPs that indicated that, minister Kiiza scored zero in parliament.
Kiiza claims that, a Runyoro sound bite aired on Radio Kitara, Kanti described him as a fool because he scored zero in parliament yet he was expected him to get 90% or 100%. “the unkind words were highly defamatory of the plaintiff as they caused him embarrassment, shame, mental anguish, lowered his esteem in public and among his voters……and the recipients of news bite concluded that the defendant is s fool, incapable of holding leadership position of area member of parliament and minister for Bunyoro region”, Kiiza alleged in a plaint.
Surprisingly, Ernest Kiiza on 20th December 2015 called one of the managers of Radio Kitara pleading to be allowed to run his campaign adverts at a reduced fee despite the fact he has a radio station within Masindi town called Bunyoro Broadcasting service.
As you read this, Minister Kiiza’s campaign ads are running on radio Kitara that belongs to senior presidential pilot, Kiiza Ali yet before the matter was taken to court the two had disagreement over solving the matter amicably. Minister Kiiza has already paid colossal sum to radio Kitara for the campaign period.
However; the case Minister Kiiza sued stalled after Justice Simon Mugenyi Byamukama declined to grant him court injunction arguing that any one holding a public office is liable to account to the people he serves.
On the other hand, Rogers Kanti who was co-accused with Radio Kitara has vowed to drag on with the case until it is disposed off. He said the case has stalled because the judge who was handling it was transferred and appointed to court of appeal and the new one has not yet started handling it.