Minister Nyira knifes his Political Assistant

Minister Nyira speaking at one of the public functions (file photo)
Minister Nyira has knifed KJG Bigabwa
Minister Nyira has knifed KJG Bigabwa

The state minister for fisheries, Professor Zerubaberi Mijumbi Nyira has sacked his longtime political assistant KJG Bigabwa accusing him for being indiscipline by failing to adhere to NRM party rules and regulations.

Information from Nyira’s camp indicates that, the minister was not happy with Bigabwa’s decision to stand as an independent candidate for a position of Councilor to represent Pakanyi Sub County to Masindi district council.

Nyira who is also the Member of Parliament for Buruli County in Masindi district accuses his former political assistant for having declared to join John Patrick Amama Mbabazi’s camp when he lost during NRM party primaries to the incumbent area district councilor, Kanaginagi Ateenyi.

Nyaira accuses Bigabwa for fighting NRM party flag bearers hence weakening the party. As you read this article, Bigabwa has already shifted to converse votes for Nyira’s opponent called Kimezire Joseph Buhanga who is contesting as an independent candidate for Buruli County Member of Parliament.

However; when contacted for a comment, Bigabwa said that he has not been contacted by anybody to do campaign and maintained that, he stood as an independent candidate and he is now looking for his own votes.