New District boss to fight sham investors and land grabbers|GMEPA

Charles Ntairehoki, LCV boss elect Kiryandongo district at NRM party victory celebrations for Masindi district on Saturday

Yosam Gucwaki


The new chairperson LCV for Kiryandongo District, Charles Ntairohoki has promised to fight the land grabbers who have taken away most of the people’s land in Kiryandongo.

Addressing people who had turned up for his swearing in ceremony at Kiryandongo C.O.U grounds, Ntairohoki noted that, people who have gone to Kiryandongo as investors, have turned into land brokers and charcoal producers something he said has created panic among residents.

He added that the so called investors who have turned to be charcoal producers hence a threat to environment due to high rate of deforestation.

Ntairehoki who replaced Ben Moru also attributed rampant land grabbing in the district to construction of Karuma hydro power plant that is ongoing.

Ntairehoki also promised to put much of his emphasis on improving education, health, road network and reviving cooperatives to enable farmers get good prices of their products. Ntairohoki was sworn in with other 20 councilors.

Speaking during the same function, the Chief Administrative Officer Kiryandongo district Nabirye Fida, urged for unity and team work among the incoming leaders.

The function was also attended by the chairperson NRM Masindi district Kanaginagi Ateenyi, RDC Kiryandongo district, Linos Ngompek; the chairperson elect Masindi district Cosmas Byaruhanga among others.