Police Trainees at PTS Kabalye more destructive than Vermin, Residents|GMEPA NEWS

Lowrance Byarugaba shows our reporter how police trainees are destructive

Augustus Birwenkya


some of police trainees in sugarcane plantation near by PTS Kabalye
some of police trainees in sugarcane plantation near by PTS Kabalye

Residents of Kabalye II cell in Karujubu division, Masindi municipality have described police trainees at Police Training School Kabalye to be more dangerous than vermin when it comes to destruction of sugarcane plantations in the area.

Speaking to our reporter on Friday from his home in Kabalye II cell, Lawrence Byrugaba said that police trainees from PTS Kabalye storm their sugarcane plantations as early as 8:00am and begin destruction something that he described as criminal trespass.

Byarugaba explained that, because Kinyara sugar Ltd delays to harvest their cane, police trainees have therefore exploited that chance hence reducing tonnage because they storm cane plantations in hundreds.

Robert Isingoma, the LC I chairperson Kabalye II cell said that attempts to chase away police trainees from sugarcane plantations have not yielded fruits because they turn violent and beat residents because they use karate skills acquired during their training.

Isingoma cited an incident that occurred four months ago when one of the residents identified as Brian Tumusiime was seriously beaten by police trainees when he attempted to chase them away from his sugarcane plantation and they reported the matter to the school’s commandant.

Isingoma believes that, the management of PTS Kabalye has given police trainees a lot of liberty to the extent of moving out of school through ungazatted paths, an issue he wants to be checked.

Attempts to contact Roman Otooro, the public relations officer PTS Kabalye said that the complainants should go to his office so that they can be compensated by the school as a way of solving the matter amicably.

However; Fred Enanga, the police spokesperson condemned the behaviors of police trainees saying that police force aim at promoting good neighborliness that is why the school has regular meetings with the community surrounding it.

He advised the complainants to approach the commandant because the institution is meant to instill discipline among students. He however believes that, the commandant my not be knowing what is happening and observed a need for carrying out investigations to find out authenticity of the complaints for immediate intervention.