Residents of Bwijanga and Budongo Sub Counties want Estates land titles cancelled|NEWS

James Mugoya, the Masindi district land management officer addressing residents of Bujenje county at Kasongoire primary school

Augustus Bigirwenkya


Residents of Buwijanga and Budongo sub counties in Masindi district have asked government to cancel land titles belonging to absentee land lords who own various estates cancelled to enable them have chance to own land in their own country.

The call was made during a meeting convened by Masindi district NGO forum on 17th January 2017 at Kasongoire primary school to launch Open Society International East Africa (OSIEA) project and was attended by selected residents from both Bwijanga and Budongo Sub Counties.

During the meeting, James Mugoya, the Masindi district land management officer told residents that, 99.6% of the land in two sub counties is titled and most of which is in the hands of absentee land lords who currently do not utilize land since it is occupied by people but they hold land titles.

Mugoya attributed the scenario to historical injustices by colonialists who gave out land to foreigners in a bid to promote growing of cash crops like sugarcanes, coffee among others. He added that, most of the land titles were processed between 1930’s to 1950’s and some title holders went away leaving land to be occupied by people now for over 70years.

“Much as these people have stayed on estates lands for three generations, they cannot process land titles because these lands already have titles”, he explained.

Keith Bitamazire, a resident of Nyantonzi in Budongo Sub County therefore asked government to deregister those land titles so that people can be able town land. “We have seen government compensate absentee land lords in Kibaale, the same should be done here in Masindi. Let government through Uganda Land fund compensate the absentee land lords here so that people can own land”, he pleaded.

Records obtained from regional land offices in Masindi district indicates that, there are close to 30 registered chunks of land including Kinyara estates most of which belong to absentee land lords who left the county longtime ago.

The meeting also resolved and formed land advocacy committees for each sub county that are comprised of LC III chairpersons and Sub County chiefs as members. For Bwijanga, the committee is chaired by the district councilor, Julius Kahira while for Budongo, Keith Bitamazire was elected the chairperson.

Registered lands in Bwijanga and Budongo Sub Counties

Plot No. Owner Acreage Block, LWB Location
  Kinyara Estates 995 acres 2774 Kinyara
  Kinyara Estata 100 acres 2774 Mirembe
20 Kichandi Estate 165 acres 2769 Kichandi
  Bunyoro Estate U Ltd 966.8 acres 2752 Bogomolo
  MV Badian & J Gokaldas 1000 acres 2757 Bulyango
  Kyatarugo Estates 478.61 acres 1778 Kyatarugo
  Kasokwa Coffee Estates 593 2790 Kyanyamubaka
  Kinyara Estate 593 2790 Sonso river
  Planters Estate 638 2758 Busingiro
  Budongo Saw Mill 150.56 acres 2754 Busingiro
  Jamal Waiji Ltd 198.96 acres 2771 Kanyege
  Jamal Waiji Ltd 274.62 acres 2785 Nyakaafunjo
  Ikoba Estates (Panibhai Sanji) 268 acres   Bujenje
  Budongo Saw Mill 150.56 5,2759 Budongo
  Kinyara Estate Balmoral 892.38 7B,2751 Kinyara
  Kinyara Estate 100 acres 9,2774 Kinyara
  Kinyara Estate 870 acres 9,2774 Kinyara
  Kinyara Estate 125 acres 9,2774 Kinyara
  PL 597 acres   Kabango
  Kyatarugo Estate 478.61 2786 Nyamagita
  Bulyango Estate 1000 acres 9,2757 Bulyango
  Kyatarugo Estate 299.7 2778 Kyatarugo
  PL 1000 acres 9,277 Budongo
  PL 381.42ha   Kinyara
  Kinyara Sugar Works Ltd 10,442ha 1119 Kinyara
  Bujenje Estate 919.64 10,2754 Bujenje
  Rukondwa Etate 300 acres 10,2780 Rukondwa