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residents surrounding graves of people buried unaware

Augustus Bigirwenkya


graves of people who were buried unaware in Kisarabwire cell
graves of people who were buried unaware in Kisarabwire cell

There was chaos in Kisarabwire cells, Karujubu Division in Masindi municipality on Thursday morning when residents found three graves in a plot of land where the graves never existed before.

When the news spread to neighboring cells and Masindi town, thousands of the people thronged Kisarabwire cells demanding the graves be exhumed to see whether dead bodies had been buried there or they were hoax graves.

James Kaahwa, a resident of Kisarabwire cell who is also a neighbor to the plot where three graves were discovered told our reporter that, when they work up on Wednesday morning, they wondered to learn that three dead bodies had been buried at 1:00am in the previous night without involving residents.

Kaahwa further explained that, when they asked the owner of the land where dead bodies were buried, he told them that he was aware of the dead bodies that had been exhumed from Katama cell, a neighboring cell to Kisarabwire because the soul of one of the dead bodies had been disturbing pupils of St. Peter’s primary school formerly called Kijura infants primary school.

John Bajuna Tibilihwa, the owner of the plot of land told our reporter that, three bodies of late Margaret Timbigamba who died in 1998, Joseph Gantungo who died in 2003 and one Isingoma who died in August 2016 after he was knocked by a train in Kampala, all being their relatives were exhumed from Katama cell and reburied in Kisarabwire cell.

He said that, their family under the leadership of Francis Kyamanywa who works with custodian board of Uganda in Kampala resolved to transfer the remains of their relatives after notifying the LCI chairpersons of Katama and Kisarabwire cells.

Frank Tankovu, the Masindi district CIID officer told residents from the scene that, they had been told about the dead bodies of people who were exhumed without court order but police was going to secure court order to re-exhume the remains to verify what they had been told.

Solomon Mugisa, the CLO Masindi central police station said that, police had sealed off the three graves that will remain guarded until court order is secured. He warned residents against exhuming and reburying dead bodies at night to dodge legal process which involves having court order.

By press time, police had arrested two people including Tibilihwa, the owner of the plot of land where the remains were buried plus one unidentified man. Mugisa said that, the duo will be charged with disturbing the peace of the dead people.