Sixty Eight Police Recruits at PTS Kabalye Never Completed, Three Died|GMEPA NEWS.


Augustus Bigirwenkya


some-of-the-police-cadet-trainees-at-pts-kabalye-training-grounds-file-photoA total of sixty eight police recruits who joined police training school Kabalye in June 2015 were not able to complete the course that lasted for 15 months up to the time of pass out that was held on 10th September 2016 at a pass out function where President Yoweri Museveni was the chief guest.

Three of the recruits died while sixty five were dismissed either on medical grounds or due to indiscipline while others were discovered to have used forged academic papers.

Speaking to our reporter during exclusive interview in Masindi town on 12th September 2016, the political commissar who is also the public relations officer Police Training School Kabalye, Roman Japheth Otoro said that, a total of 3922 were recruited at the beginning out of which 1,241 were cadet trainees while 2,681 were probation police constables (PPCs).

Otoro disclosed that, out of 1,241 cadet trainees, twelve were dismissed on disciplinary grounds, 15 were discontinued on medical ground while one Morris Odoch was struck by lightning and died instantly.

PTS Kabalye publicist indicated that, a total of 1,213; 269 female and 944 male cadet trainees were passed out of which 43 were allied students from The Republic of Somalia while 50 were from The Republic of South Sudan.

On Probation Police Constable (PPCs), out of 2,681, Otoro said that, 12 were dismissed due to indiscipline, 8 on medical grounds and two died of Natural causes. He identified the duo as Pachoto Denis from Kitgum district and Davis Ariho from Buhweju who died from Kampala where they had been deployed.

Otoro further unveiled that, prior to the day of pass out, they arrested 18 PPCs whose academic documents were verified and found to be forged and they are now under police custody pending prosecution adding that, those who will be found not guilty by court, will be allowed to take oaths and then deployed.

Therefore Otoro said that, out of 2,643 PPCs who were passed out, 691 were female while 1,952 were male. He warned whoever has no prerequisite qualification of senior six against joining police using forged documents because it is a crime.