Teenager Commits Suicide, Body Found hanging on a mango Tree|GMEPA NEWS

Aramazan's body hanging on a mango tree

Augustus Bigirwenkya


Residents of Nyangahya cell, Central Division of Masindi municipality were on Thursday morning in shock after finding the body of a teenager only identified as Aramazan hanging on a mango tree behind the house he has been occupying.

Justus Kusiima, a relative to the deceased said that, as he was going for duty along Masindi-Kijunjubwa road, he got to know that,  the son to his late grand farther AbdhallaTinkamalirwe had committed suicide.

Kussima added that when he called his unidentified uncle who stays in Nyantonzi, Budongo Sub County in Masindi district, he was informed that the deceased Aramanzan had been comaplaining that his caretaker, Ismail Wandera was selling off the piece of land left to his by his late parents.

Kusiima told our reporter that, Aramazan’s mother, late Specioza Kabahindaki who died a month ago left behind a will that indicated that, she had given her land to her only son.

The LC II chairperson for Southern Ward in Central division, Peter Isingoma said that, they were worried to find such a young boy hanging yet they do not believe that he has been having any trouble in his life. He appealed to residents who could be know the cause of the deceased to help police to find out whether the boy was killed and his body hanged or he actually hanged himself.

FarukBagambe, the husband to the aunt of the deceased said that Ramazan picked shs50, 000 to construct a market stall out of shs700, 000 he had kept with them. He said the decease acquired shs1, 000,000 after selling a plot of land.

Addressing journalists, Bosco Bakashaba told reporters from the scene that, preliminary investigations shows that, there was fighting in the house where Ramazan has been staying and his body was found having fresh soil that is the same as the one in the house.

Bakashaba said that, they have arrested the deceased’s caretaker, Ismail Wandera to help them with investigations because the arrangement of items in the house shows there was scuffle and that Aramazan’s killer swept the compound after committing the crime.